The Internet offers many sites that make shopping for fine chocolate quick and easy. Sorry, though, no free sample to munch on as you leave the store.

Things You'll Need
* Greeting Cards
* Credit Cards And Loans
* Chocolates

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1. Click on a Related Site, enter the word "chocolate" on a search engine such as Yahoo or Alta Vista, or click on the box for "chocolate" in the shopping list below and choose the "shop online" function.

2. Browse the store or search for a desired product, entering key words such as "truffles" or "fudge."

3. Customize your order and choose the chocolates you want to go in a box - not all sites offer this feature.

4. Click on the items you would like to order to add them to your online shopping bag or shopping cart.

5. Finish ordering by proceeding to checkout.

6. Check that your order is accurate.

7. Fill in the necessary information - usually your name, address, shipping preferences and credit-card number ' where appropriate.

8. Submit the order.

A Goody Bag for Every Season

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A Goody Bag for Every Season - Forget diamonds! If you really want to know the way to a girlĂ‚’s heart, think chocolate. Every seasonĂ‚’s must-have!

Tips & Warnings

* If you feel concerned about sending personal information online, many sites offer phone numbers so that you can call in your order instead.
* Most online companies will not ship chocolate internationally because chocolate is perishable. Check the Web site for international locations that carry the company's products.
* Shipping costs are typically based on the total cost of your order, but fluctuate depending on the shipping method you choose.
* Make sure the site offers climate-controlled shipping to prevent your chocolate from melting en route. If you live in a very warm climate, it's worth a call to the company to find out if the chocolate is fully guaranteed if shipped to your location.
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