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Visit Designers Imports for designer handbags
Designers imports is the perfect place to shop for all of your designer gifts for any occasion - Birthday - Weddings - Mother's day - Father's day - 2008 Holiday Season - 2009 Valentines Day.

DesignersImports is an online designer boutique that sells designer name fashion items at greatly discounted prices. Our "Internet-Only" approach enables us to cut the overhead cost and offer customers brand new designer products at the lowest prices you will ever see.

Customers shop with confidence knowing that all our designer products are guaranteed authentic plus our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Visit Designers Imports for designer handbags

Designers Imports offers a great selection of designer handbags, designer wallets, designer shoes and designer scarves.

Designer handbags from Prada, Dooney & Bourke, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, Marc Jacobs and more - shop at Designers Imports

Designer scarves from Burberry, Prada, Fendi, Loro Piana, Pucci and more - shop at Designers Imports

Designers Imports is known for outstanding customer service with a customer base of thousands of happy customers. Designers Imports offers a unique shopping experience with a personal touch.

Rock Bands at Designers Imports is your #1 source for designer clothing. offers consumers a full line of Coach, Prada Fendi Tods and burberry apparel at discounted prices. Our stock includes Coach, Prada Fendi, Tods and burberry hand-bags and wallets for that special occasion or for everyday use. Warm up in style with our selection of Designer scarves which includes Fendi Scarf, pashmina as well as Prada scarf shawls and wraps as and treat yourself with a pair of fashionable Sunglasses. Browse our trendy selection of Designer Eyewear to View our great selection of Christian Dior, Ferragamo, Bvlgari(Bulgari) , Prada, Fendi, D&G (Dolce & Gabbana), Versace, Jessica Simpson and more. Our Designer Apparel products are located within each Designer brand's link. Our fashionable belt collection includes a great selection of trendy Fendi Belts. accessories includes belts, key-chains i-pod cases, pouches, Bandanas and more.

Check out our fendi collection of handbags, wallets, and other designer accessories. Hi-style handbags and wallets at discount prices are available also in the prada collection section.

DesignersImports - Online Designer Boutique
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