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Flowers touch the heart like nothing else. They're perfect for conveying feelings of warmth and caring for both holiday and personal occasions. With a little preparation beforehand, selecting the right flowers is quick, easy, and fun.

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Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started!

Floral Displays
Having a certain type of floral display in mind helps narrow down your selection process.

* Bouquets and arrangements come with flowers held in place with floral foam. The flowers may be arranged in a basket, or in a keepsake container.
* A vase arrangement can be flowers of one kind, like roses, or mixed flowers arranged in foam and presented in a vase.
* A hand-tied bouquet is delivered with the stems bound together and trimmed so that they are on a flat plane.

Think Pink
Color is the biggest selling point for flowers and plants — bigger than fragrance. When selecting flowers or blooming plants consider the overall color the recipient would like.

For instance, let's say pink is your sister's favorite color. Consider a bouquet of pink roses, or select an arrangement of pink hues. That way, your sister will receive several different kinds of flowers in pink, fuchsia and related colors she's sure to love.

Language of Flowers
Flowers speak the language of the heart. In Victorian times, each flower had a specific meaning. Choose an arrangement or bouquet that really "says" something to the recipient. Here is a brief list of popular flowers and their meanings. Different colors of the same flower carry different meanings.

* Chrysanthemum — love and truth
* Daisy — innocence
* Daffodil — chivalry
* Freesia — trust
* Rose — happy love, fidelity, grace, and unconscious beauty
* Sunflower — devotion
* Tulip — "I am hopelessly in love"
* Tulips — luck
* Violet — modesty and virtue

Get Personal
Think of a particular aspect of the recipient's personality as your browse our selections. For a gardener who loves to be outside, consider a plantor a dishgarden. For hopeless romantics, roses are always a sure hit. So are bouquets that are dressed up with ribbon or lace.

Flower Longevity
Some flowers' life spans are longer than others. Long-lasting cut flowers include chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies, gladiolus and liatris; however, all cut flowers live longer with a little TLC. Tests have shown that adding flower food to the water or foam helps to keep flowers fresh.

Start Early
Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas are the largest-volume holidays for florists, so don't leave your purchasing until the last minute. For the best selection of flowers and gifts, it's always best to order early — especially for cross-country and international deliveries.
By: FloristsOnline

Have fun choosing your flowers!


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