Online shopping has become the latest craze for the busy consumer. Still, buying a garment online that requires a precise fitting, such as a swimsuit, can be a risky venture. Follow the steps below for a guaranteed online shopping success.

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1. Narrow your options before starting out. The sheer number of swimsuits available online can become a bit overwhelming to the novice shopper. Deciding on a price range, certain style (i.e. bikini, one-piece swimsuit, tankini), and even a particular designer beforehand will greatly expedite your shopping experience.

2. Look for reputable sites with contact information. Email addresses and phone numbers are especially important. You will want to be able to contact the seller immediately if anything goes wrong with the shipment or the swimsuit is damaged.

3. When you have chosen a site to seriously examine, look to see what additional information it offers (such as style advice or fitting tips). The more information a site offers, the more likely you will be to choose a swimsuit that fits well. Check out these sites for some examples of useful style information: Just My Size, More Swimsuits, and Everything but Water.

4. When deciding on a swimsuit, be sure to read all of the available information about it. The fabric and cut of the swimsuit are important factors to consider when you are unable to try it on before buying.

5. Check all of the available views of a swimsuit before deciding to purchase it. Most online swimsuit shops will offer a larger picture and a rear view of each swimsuit item. Be sure that the swimsuit you choose offers the right amount of coverage in the rear and bust.

6. Pay close attention to the provided size chart. Because you cannot try the swimsuit on yourself before buying it, the size chart is your only guide to choosing a swimsuit that fits well. If the size chart offers measurements for the hip, waist, and bust, be sure to compare them with your own recent, exact measurements.

7. Once you receive the swimsuit, try it on immediately but do not remove any tags or hygienic liners until you are sure you want to keep it. Removal of these items will often disqualify you from returns and exchanges.

* If you already have a particular swimsuit in mind (and you are looking to find a cheaper price online), try the swimsuit on in the store first and then search among the many online retailers who are likely to carry it for the best price.


* Be sure that you read all return/exchange policies and warranty information available on your chosen site before purchasing anything. You will want to know exactly what to expect if something goes wrong.

* Just because a swimsuit looks great in the online picture does not mean it will look great on your body. Always keep your own figure in mind when shopping for a swimsuit and try not to be swayed by a terrific picture on a swimsuit model.

by: WikiHow

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