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"Chocolate is the best when it melts so creamy and soft in your mouth and it slides down your throat"
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Father’s Day Chocolate Gifts

Dads can be extremely difficult to buy for, especially when it comes to Father’s Day gifts! Thankfully, we get the opportunity to make amends and treat our dads like the heroes they are… and what better way than with a gorgeous Father’s Day chocolate gift? And you’ll find something for even the most demanding of dads in our Father’s Day range – from Prosecco & Chocolates to exciting Giant Slabs and stylish single estate dads chocolate.

Father’s Day Chocolate Gifts

Buy Vegetarian Food - Chocolate Suitable for Vegetarians

You'll find a small selection of products suitable for vegetarians on Hotel Chocolat. All of our chocolates are suitable for vegetarians, unless otherwise stated, so feel free to browse our website to your heart’s content!

Chocolate Suitable for Vegetarians

Giant Slabs (slab) _ US Deeplink

Giant Slabs

When molten chocolate is poured out onto cool marble-topped tables, it naturally sets into beautifully curved shapes. And it was those fluid shapes that inspired this entire range of thick, one-pound-plus slabs, from the swirling purity of the High Cocoa Fusion to the gorgeous textures of Rocky Road. Whatever your preference, there’s something here for you.

Being larger than the pages of this site, our giant slabs are large enough to elicit a short gasp of astonishment - 10x6inches!

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